Activities for every day

The best Atlantic salmon fishing area in Europe, the Utsjoki highlands and the peace and quiet of the wilderness attract people to Karigasniemi. There is plenty to do and experience every single day!


The mountainous highlands of Utsjoki are especially popular among hunters with bird-hunting dogs. Hunting is limited by the game population that varies from one year to another. In licence areas 1601–1604 in Utsjoki, you can hunt red grouse, hare, small predators and water birds during the hunting season. Ask us for more information about the hunting opportunities in the area!

From 20 September onwards, we arrange red grouse hunting trips with overnight accommodation in wilderness cabins or tents as agreed. In the autumn, we use a quad bike for carrying the necessary supplies, and in winter we use snowmobiles and sleds. The number of licences is limited – please book your trip for the autumn season by the end of August to guarantee your hunting date!