Activities for every day

The best Atlantic salmon fishing area in Europe, the Utsjoki highlands and the peace and quiet of the wilderness attract people to Karigasniemi. There is plenty to do and experience every single day!


In the winter, Karigasniemi offers great adventures for those who enjoy snowmobile rides. The trail from Inari branches out to Karigasniemi in Kielajoki halfway down the Karigasniemi-Kaamanen road. The route to the north takes you to Utsjoki and Nuorgam via the Kaldoaivi wilderness area. From Karigasniemi, you can continue on to Norway on snowmobile trails. The trails in the municipality of Karasjok run on the river along the border between Finland and Norway (Inarijoki) and the closest trails branch off this trail and run along the riverbanks of the Karasjoki and Iskurasjoki all the way to the Arctic Ocean.

In order to use the snowmobile tracks maintained by Metsähallitus, you need a snowmobile track permit. This track permit grants you the right to use all of Metsähallitus' snowmobile tracks in Finland.

Ask us for more information on trails in Inari, Karigasniemi and Norway!